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The World Sight Foundation (WSF) exists to help with the education of eye health personnel in the developing world, and aid in reducing the estimated world blindness figure of 40 million people.. Our main objective is achieved through site visits, including lectures and skill sessions, and by distance learning courses.

“If we treat, we help now. If we teach, we help forever.”

Founded in 2012, WSF’s main mission is to educate primary care eye workers in the developing world. Enhancing the skills of these workers is an essential component of relieving suffering and blindness from eye disease.


We aim to not only improve the standards of those we teach but also to encourage them to develop further skills for the benefit of those they serve. The skills we teach (such as learning how to examine  the fundus of the eye) can result in immediate improvement of standards  of  primary eye care practitioners. This is an important way of reducing world blindness.
Enhancing skills

Enhancing skills

We feel strongly that increasing the skills of those doing primary eye care is an important way of reducing world blindness.

How we are helping

  • Priscilla Chitukutuku
  • Argent Moonga
  • Diksha N. Waghmare
    Rural Hospitals 

Where we work


There are approximately 5.9 million blind in Africa. A significant proportion of our work in Africa has been directed at non-medical personnel in an attempt to build up the skills of those who do most of the primary care work. In order to pursue our educational work in Africa we established a training base at […]


There are approximately 5 million blind in India. Many of those most in need receive primary eye care from non-medical ophthalmic clinical officers. We focus on these government employees as these are the first professionals for whom the neediest and poorest patients seek help from and most of whom do not receive regular professional updates […]
Distance Learning

Distance learning

WSF started distance learning courses in response to travel restrictions imposed by Covid lockdown. These courses were mainly, but not exclusively, directed at primary care eye workers. The course attendees were either gathered together, enabling local teachers to help with clinical skilling sessions, or widely scattered with smartphones.

Your support makes it possible

All donations to The World Sight Foundation go directly to help the initiatives we support.

Latest news

Distance learning sets up new teaching opportunities

Distance learning courses have been our main teaching focus during restricted travel due to Covid in the last two years and we have conducted courses based at the HVDesai Eye Hospital in Pune, at the CMC Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab, with The Ophthalmological Society in Gaza, at the Prof. M A Matin Memorial BNSB Base […]
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New partnership in india

We have pleased to announce that we have formed a teaching partnership with the HVD Eye Hospital in Pune, Maharashtra with whom we have conducted on-site courses for some years. We intend to conduct two courses per year starting in February 2023, to upskill primary eye care professionals in Maharashtra state.
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Primary eye care: a guide to diagnosis and management translations

Due to demand we are pleased to announce that the Primary Eye Care guide has now been published in French and Portuguese editions with a Spanish edition in the works as well.  The English language version is also available to buy through
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Our ophthalmic guide

Primary eye care

A Guide to Diagnosis and Management
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