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Current projects


/ India

There are 4.8 million blind in India. As in Africa, many of those most in need receive primary...

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/ Malaysia

WSF has established a partnership with the ophthalmic leadership in Alor Setar in Kedah State. From 2014-2018 we...

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/ China

There are 7 million blind in China. WSF has been visiting China over a number of years in...

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/ Gaza

St John Eye Hospital Circumstances have now allowed our co-operation with St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem to...

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/ Lesotho

There are few ophthalmologists for the impoverished population and care in rural communities is particularly sparse and variable....

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/ Kenya

In 2016 we have begun to support the training and post graduate education of Ophthalmic Clinical Officers (OCOs)...

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/ Uganda

In 2016 we have begun to contribute to the training of OCOs in Jinja (Eastern Uganda). Like Kenya,...

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/ South Africa

There are 5.9 million blind in Africa. Due to the shortage of ophthalmologists, a significant proportion of our...

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