Saving Vision Through Education

The Challenge

Blindness currently affects an estimated 39 million people worldwide. The impact of blindness goes far beyond the sufferer themselves. The disabling effects of a lack of sight reach right through family and community life and include the inability to work, and social isolation.

Our mission is to deliver sustainable solutions for the alleviation of blindness, and for preserving sight, anywhere in the world. This will be achieved by enhancing the skills of locally-based eye care professionals through education.


Empowerment through education is a powerful self-help tool, and we will work on a “we will help you do it but won’t do it for you” basis. Ownership of any support we give will remain local and this offers the prospect of sustainable long term benefit.

Enhancing skills

We feel passionately that enhancing skills and increasing the numbers of ophthalmic personnel, particularly doctors and nurses, is an important way of reducing blindness in the world.

Current initiatives

Through our current initiatives, we are already helping to educate health care professionals and we are actively investigating other ophthalmic centres to support in Africa and in the Far and Middle East.


Teaching in Haikou Province with the Sheen Hok Foundation

In 2016 a teaching course in paediatric ophthalmology was conducted in  Haikou by Mrs Jane Tapley and Mrs Debbie Lysons who together with Mr Richard Markham taught a comprehensive course for local and visiting ophthalmic personnel. This course was...

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