WSF Teaching Academy in Durban, Natal.


  • In 2017-8, following pilot courses, we have conducted teaching courses for 140 non-medical ophthalmic personnel ophthalmic at McCord Hospital, Durban, which is the main government hospital for ophthalmology in Natal. Our experience of working with McCord highlighted for us the benefits of working within an existing functioning hospital and with an enthusiastic local team. This busy hospital offers the outstanding advantages of its large size with plentiful teaching space and accommodation facilities. The additional presence of a large patient cohort greatly benefits the way in which we teach which has, as its core, practical instruction.


  • Our Teaching Academy was formerly inaugurated in November 2107 when we held the first of our international courses. Since then we have conducted similar courses for attendees from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and S.Africa itself. The attendees were predominantly experienced non-medical ophthalmic personnel (e.g. ophthalmic nurses and ophthalmic clinical officers)

Our teachers, who give freely of their time, come from both the UK and from Africa itself.

These courses are received with great enthusiasm as there is very little of this sort of CPD training available in Africa for this cadre of workers.


We are persuaded that this is an excellent model for us and, although these courses will not be the only way we will work in Africa, they will be the main thrust of our efforts there.